Friday, February 4, 2011

Extra Things Between Hari Raya and CNY

Every time before Hari Raya and Chinese New Year there would be something that is often played in my mind. And when I observed, this will happen again and again every year.  

Firstly, the horrific accidents that frequently occur. Every time, a few days before Hari Raya, we will be ‘entertained’ by lots of tragic accidents which involve loss of life of loved ones and it seems to be equivalent to mega sales and ads during Hari Raya. Everyday there will be news of this accident which appears in major national daily newspapers. However, when comes to CNY, there is no such accident happen. Especially this year, we can see the lack of news of horrific accidents during CNY celebration. Does this mean that the attitudes of the Malays drivers who are careless and not cautious? Or does it indicate the quality of the Chinese drivers which are more careful and good?

Or whether it also contributed by the tow truck operation whereby most of the workshops are held by Chinese? And they are still in operation few days before, during and after Hari Raya. While when it comes to CNY, the workshop will surely close for the celebrations. I'm not prejudiced, but this is one possibility that I have thought. Furthermore, many cases of accidents are normally happen at the black spot areas. If we think logically, drivers will be more alert and pay extra attention when arrived at these zones. But accidents continue to occur. Is it because of other external factors that we have not refined?  

Secondly, during Hari Raya, the prices of almost all goods and necessaries will begin to rise and there would be a great number of complaints from customers of all races. In fact, prices of control goods are also rise. Ministers of all kind will start to go upstream and downstream for the sake of ‘showing’ that they have done all out to control the rate of price increases. At that time the price of milk, oil, meat, poultry, eggs, butter and others will increase. When this happen, not only the prices increase but the temper of the customers will also increase and it may be much more than the increase of price. Did you notice that we will never come across to this issue during CNY celebration? Indeed, a friend of mine who is a Chinese also admit that during CNY there will be no price rising for goods and necessities. He is more afraid during Hari Raya season which the price of essential goods will definitely increase. Why does this situation exist? Have the government do anything in terms of monitoring this?

There are many other issues occurred during this festive season such as the issue of fireworks, festive holiday and more. But this time I only focus upon only these two issues for us to think and observe intensely.


GuweBest said...

Hello bro!nice work.brilliant ideas..never think bout this before.good english.looks like u can publish a text book..heheh..the white text highlighted make ur writing unique than others.. ;p

GuweBest said...

Is it fair if we just look at this issue from d surface without focusing on the breakdown of malaysian citizen? malays and bumi consist of almost 70% of d total malaysian's n they consume more during hari raya if compared to chinese.when demand is high, the price will go high too..same goes to the usage of road n highways..during hari raya, the cars on the road are much more higher than usual. However it is no harm if the government take action to improve the situation and not to just make it as a normal phenomena every time hari raya comes n goes..

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