Monday, May 28, 2012

1Malaysia Pad

A new player has come into the country’s tablet market – the 1 Malaysia Pad. For me it is a healthy competition in the IT industry for the creator of this tablet, MalTechPro Sdn. Bhd. to involve in the market. Although they might not be able to compete with current competitor like Samsung and Apple but they have the ability and confidence to get involve in. They don’t want to miss the chance to grab the opportunity as it was reported earlier this month that Malaysia is the largest tablet market in south East Asia with sales reached to RM1.18 billion in 2011. 
Claimed to be the first Malaysian built tablet in the market, this  7 inch tablet is using the  Android Gingerbread Operating System with 3 mega pixels camera. It also comes with its own messaging service called 1 Malaysia Messenger  which offers free messaging between WhatsApp and Blackberry Messenger. 
More info just go HERE

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